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joey weed seeds

What does anyone think about Joeys C99? i heard a lot of negative things about his seeds but just want verification. thanks

the humidity is a bitch down here for growing. the first plant i ever had got mold cause of it so now i have like 3-4 fans per closet to keep the air moving and hopefully dry.

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yea my next order for seeds will probably be from there. but that wont be for a while lol i got a ton of seeds on a shelf waiting to be grown.

Just wanted to know if hemp depot was a reliable seed company that ships to the states, seeming that attitude charges a lot more for their tga subcool beans.

yea, same i live in town too so i cant plant in my yard and dont really have any woods nearby but maybe one day i know the florida sun can make some monsters.

Cinderella 99 F2

Blueberry F2

Indoor flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Indoor / Outdoor
More info to come.

Indoor flowering: varied

You may contact the customer service details of their partner seed banks since Joey Weed does not have a website or any contact information online.

Some of the seed banks carrying Joey Weed marijuana seeds include Hemp Depot and THC Farmer. Partner seed banks are exclusive. These seed banks carry the best genetics of Joey Weed seeds. Shipping terms depend on the seed bank you’ll be ordering the seeds from. They may partner with seed banks that ship to USA.

Customer Service

Joey Weed does not have any website at the moment. If you want to order their famous cannabis seeds, you have to deal with one of their trusted seed bank partners such as Hemp Depot and THC Farmer.

Hemp Depot and THC Farmer accept major credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa. Cash payments are also accepted and money order. For specific details visit the websites of these seed banks today.

Joey Weed takes good care of their reputation as a breeder so they only have exclusive distribution of their weed seeds. They choose trusted and reputable seed banks to carry their seeds.