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Northern Lights is the go-to cannabis strain in 2021 for relaxation from head to toe! It’s one of the best known medical marijuana strains and seeds around because of the strong calming effect it has, which is just what you want if you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. Head to bed for a nap or rest on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows when you’re on Northern Lights during the day or night.

Purple Pineberry is one of the best medical marijuana strains around for its yummy taste and long-lasting effects. The one-of-a-kind 2021 purple strain has fruity flavors of wild blueberry, lemon, and grape, with hints of spice. The medical weed is great for calming and relaxing you from head to toe, but without taking away your ability to function. So, it’s great for using daily. Some people use it to help manage depression or mood swings. But don’t smoke too much or you’ll wind up with a headache – take our word for it!

#11 Northern Lights Seeds

When it comes to medical marijuana seeds — few stand in comparison to LA Confidential’s therapeutic nature.

Characteristics include quick flowering, harvest in eight weeks from planting, and a yield of approximately four hundred grams per plant. Plants are compact and bushy, perfect for indoor growing, though its high-yielding character is well suited for outdoor growing as well, where plants can reach up to three feet in height.

Users may find that Black Jack produces a unique, sweet scent that smells significantly different from that traditional “weed smell”. Cautious apartment dwellers may even find that they feel comfortable smoking this strain inside their home without worrying about lingering odors alerting busybody neighbors to their activities.