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original seeds

Thank you so much for your patience and support during this past crazy year! We are currently getting orders quickly fulfilled in 2 to 5 business days. (Click Here for updates and more information.)

Our collections are groupings of seeds with a common theme. They make great gifts, are a cost effective way of planting an heirloom garden, or can be used to start your own seed collection or seedbank.

About Victory Seeds ®

Although we are a small organization and are not usually able to maintain large inventories of many of the rare varieties that we offer, there are times when we have an abundance of certain varieties for which we can offer at discount.

Serious gardeners acquire an appreciation for finely crafted tools that just feel “right” in their hands year in, and year out. Fisher Blacksmithing’s handcrafted pieces are just such tools.

We work hard at being the best heirloom seed company and strive to be your main seed source. (You can read what other folks say about us at the Green Pages.) By purchasing Victory Seeds ® , you are partnering with us to support our primary mission of preserving heritage or heirloom seed varieties as well as horticultural history. With your help we are continually increasing the number of varieties that we protect and offer to home gardeners.

Zkittzy Gorilla x Alien Technology

Purple Haze x Auto Purple


Buy Feminized cannabis seeds from Original Sensible Seeds. Check out our special offers on [the_date]. Our cannabis seed breeders have made excellent selections with considerations to maximum yield, potency, and high cannabinoid content when creating our feminized cannabis strains. By using diverse genetics from around the world Original Sensible Seeds have created some of the most sought after high THC and CBD rich cannabis seeds available today. You can even choose your own free seeds at the checkout so that you only receive the cannabis seeds you want for your collection. Free shipping on orders of €100 with UK and worldwide delivery.

Afghan Kush x Super Skunk

Gelato x Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Original Sensible Seeds autoflowering collection offers all their best selling US West Coast genetics in the latest automatic feminised varieties. Select from Bruce Banner # 3, Gorilla Glue # 4, Do Si Dos, Gelato, Zkittlez and many more all available in this easy to grow format. Fast growing, potent and with rewarding harvests their seeds are specially selected for the best preformance and flavors.

For over 25 years Original Sensible Seeds have been growing your skunk and to celebrate this quarter century milestone they are including bonus free seeds in every pack of 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50. Here's how it works: Buy 3 + 1, 5 + 2, 10 +4, 25 + 10 or 50 + 20 Free. But lets not forget the history of Origianl Sensible they know what it takes to satisfy the commercial grower and if your looking for something special then your´ll find it in The Original Sensible Seeds selection. Regular or feminised cannabis seeds specially selected for power and productivity and available to buy in bulk seed packs of 25 – 500 at a special discount prices. Please note due to the bargain prices they offer these bulk seed packs unfortunately they are excluded from the anniversary offer.

From the creators of Bigger Pine in the 1990´s and the most potent of potent ´ PR # 1´ The Original Sensible Seeds are pleased to bring to the market a range of feminised and auto/feminised marijuana strains including some unique varieties which have never been available commercially before. Original Sensible Seeds were the first cannabis seedbank to launch their flagship strain Bruce Banner #3 followed by the equally potent Bruce Banner # 3 Fast which is hailed by marijuana growers due to the faster flowering period. If sticky resin is your bag then the Gorilla Glue # 4 and Girl Scout Cookies feminised seeds should be top of your wish list. Stable cannabis genetics that will reward you with outstanding harvests of syrupy buds. The extensive range covers a wide range of US Cali genetics together with classic old school strains which growers and smokers alike adore.

The Original Seeds Store are always the first to bring you the latest cannabis seed releases delivered fast and securely all over the world including the UK, Europe, US, Canada and beyond.