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pet safe grass seed and weed killer

Today, then, we’ll be reviewing a dozen of the best dog-safe weed killers so you can easily assess which makes the best fit for you.

To reiterate before closing, you will not get the same ruthlessly efficient results killing weeds with natural weed killers. Those nasty chemicals like glyphosate used in mainstream weed killers are there for a reason: they kill weeds in a flash. That said, all the formulas we review today deliver reasonable results, even if it’s not a permanent or even particularly long-lasting solutions.

1. Our #1 Pick: Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed Killer

The only ingredient here is corn gluten meal. This is proven effective for inhibiting common weeds like crabgrass and dandelion, but don’t consider it an all-purpose guarantee against weeds.

Use the spray provided to blitz your weeds straight out the bottle. The solution takes hold quickly, and it’s quite effective for a natural formula. Bear in mind that this kills both weeds and grass.

The formula is free of glyphosate and is made of all-natural ingredients. We can’t understand why the manufacturer doesn’t openly disclose what these ingredients are, but that appears to be commonplace in this industry.

Some of you requested that I address dog-safe lawn care . . . fertilizers and weed killers. This is a big subject and there is no easy answer, but for our sake please consider a more natural and less toxic plan for your lawn.

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Lime is calcium oxide, made from pulverized limestone, and raises the pH of the soil, which lowers the acidity. The best way to determine whether your soil needs lime is to test its pH. The target pH level of turf grass is between 6.2 and 6.5, so if your soil has a lower pH, an application of lime will help. This is often an issue in the Eastern part of the US.

It is not organic and it does not kill weeds, but the thicker and healthier your grass is, the less weeds you will have.

Gypsum is a mineral consisting of hydrated calcium sulfate. If the soil pH is high (a common problem in the Midwest) gypsum helps reduce the pH. It helps correct compacted soil, helps soil retain water, and replaces excessive sodium with calcium and sulfer to boost plant growth. To determine if your soil can benefit from gypsum, test saline amounts or simply observe if you are working with soil that is heavy with clay or hard to break up. Another benefit is that gypsum does not change the “organic” status of a garden or lawn.

They’re so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied, and customers give it high marks in reviews.

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1. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer (Best Overall Pick)

We’ve chosen our best pet friendly weed killers and given you the essential facts for you to pick the right one for you.

While it is highly acidic while it’s wet, Green Gobbler is perfectly safe for pets (and humans) to touch once it is dry.

They claim that their product has a long shelf life and that their product was just like a new batch after 4 years.