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Another way to germinate is with pressed peat. This method has a technical side because the water pH influences more than in other methods. The ideal level is 5.5 or 6 and it is measured with a pH meter that is available in almost any grow shop. Mineral or filtered water works. The peat must be immersed until it swells and is soaked. Almost twice its size. When removing from water, drain well with clean hands until there is no more water excedent. This step needs to be smooth as we don’t want to crush the peat. Then, you have to drill the peat with any disinfected sharp object, only 1 or 2cm and place the seed with the thickest point up. Cover the original hole loosely with a little bit of the same peat and keep it in a container that can be opened from time to time to spray the walls with water and generate moisture. When the white root appears, we are ready for a transplant.

The next step is to water the soil. Use a sprayer to provide moisture without over saturating the soil. We want the seed to have water, but excess watering can suffocate and kill the delicate sprout.

Now that our seed is hydrated and oxygenated we can choose different methods for sprouting. One of the best known or easiest is between two plates. You need two plates of the same diameter, absorbent or kitchen paper and a water spray. The first plate is used as a base, on which we place a napkin folded in four sprinkled with a little bit of water. It does not have to be soaked, but it must be completely wet. We place the seeds on top and cover it with another napkin, same folded, same amount of water. Finally, we place the other plate turned upside down and it needs to be stored in places that don’t have immediate contact with light or heat. After two days it can be opened and if the paper is dry, spray a little more until it fully germinates. When the white root begins to appear, it is a sign that the seed has germinated.

Germination methods

With the seed already germinated we can transfer it to a pot or the chosen growing method. If you choose soil, small pots are a good place to start. Fill the pot with loose, aerated soil and make a hole in the middle of about 2 or 3cm. To transfer the seed, it is best to use a pair of clean tweezers and lift it gently. Drop the seed into the hole with the main root down and lightly cover it with soil.

When germinating in soil, it must be taken into account that the soil doesn’t have to be loaded with nutrients since it is not a pleasant environment for the seed to germinate successfully. In a pot with moist soil we place the seed two centimeters below the surface. The key point in this technique is to control that the soil is kept moist, so the best thing to do is to check it every day and moisten it when necessary.

The first step to a successful germination is to hydrate the seed. For this, we will immerse the seed in 5cm of filtered water. We are going to add 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide to the same glass. This step helps to oxygenate the seed and remove possible pathogens. After 24 hours, the seed must be removed from the glass with a sterilized tweezer.

In the world of germination and cultivation, each grower has its own methods and tricks. Knowing yourself as a cultivator is the first step. With time, testing, making mistakes, and gaining experience, you may put together your own growing guide. The storage, care and germination of the marijuana seed is just as important as taking care of the plant. Here are some tips to transform your seed into a future flower.

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