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To find out exactly what nutrients your lawn needs can be determined by conducting a soil test. You can either purchase a test to use at home or take a soil sample to your local cooperative extension testing office.

The right weed-and-product can improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Ahead, get our top tips and recommendations for navigating the available options—and don’t miss our top picks!

Choose a weed-and-feed product based on the type of grass you have. Grass species have different nutrient requirements, so not all of them are safe for every species of grass. Using the wrong product can damage your grass.

Granular weed and feed covers more area, often 5,000 square feet or more, and are available in 18-lb bags and larger. Granular versions offer a better value for your money, but you do need to water your lawn after application for it to penetrate the grass.

Some weed-and-feed options out there feature slow-release formulas so you don’t have to fertilize as often. However, to achieve good results plan on treating your lawn at least once every 8 weeks from the start of spring.

Another important step is to start with a quality Starter Fertilizer. A starter fertilizer provides the essential nutrients that will help with germination and growth.

It is important to cover new grass seed with mulch to hold in moisture and nutrients. If the grass seed dries out, it takes longer to grow or might not root at all. You can use clean straw or Penn mulch.

Fall Turf Restoration

Once you have put down the grass seed and covered it with a protective layer of straw or Penn Mulch, keep the soil moist but not soggy by watering lightly every day.

A Fall Weed & Feed like Scotts Winterguard Fall Weed & Feed should be applied around mid to late of September. A Winterizer fertilizer should be applied between mid-October and late November.

Flowerland carries a full selection of Bulk Grass Seed. Flowerland also carries a broad selection of packaged grass seed.

Another problem is that one application is not enough to prevent crabgrass or any other type of weed that is persistent and continual.

That’s why we find that GreenTurf Care customers don’t hire us to make their lawn green or beautiful – they hire us to take away their pain and worries.

Step 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron

The timing of when you add preventer down is vital to its success. This has less to do with a specific date as it does the temperatures of the soil.

You want to grow a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn that is free from weeds and has a deep root structure essential for surviving the cold weather.

The key to grub control is timing, knowledge, and the right product. Our team of experts has protected thousands of lawns over the years.