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BC Seed King White Widows under 220watt CFLs. Germinated 5, these are the 2 remaining females, other 3 were males. Beginning to get very frosty (trait of White widow, yes?) All strong plants thus far:

As to BC Seed King. I’m pleased with them. Their White Widow is great. I just ordered it again. It arrived in two days last time

This thread is about BC Seed King. None of those strains are available on their site.


Just heads up for anyone interested in the company, noticed this thread via Google search on them.

BC Seed King stock seeds of superior quality, from superior strains and offer a selection of marijuana seeds suitable for medical users. BC Seed King test our marijuana seeds regularly for germination rates to ensure maximum yields, 100% quality is guaranteed. BC Seed King has established long-term relationships with reliable seed producers who are committed to growing only the highest quality cannabis seeds. The majority of marijuana seeds BC Seed King carry for sale have been grown in B.C. for decades.
BC Seed King’s commitment is to provide you with the highest quality cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds at the lowest prices.

Transplant very gently Always keeps medium warm and moist. Never let your seeds dry out.

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Here is just a sad sample of what I am seeing on Feed Back-Buyer Beware

bcseedking Our Prices are the Cheapest on the Net!

What currency are the prices?
All prices displayed are in US currency.

That is the reason I want to grow the Nuken strain. I bought some Nuken flower and you described it perfectly, "very relaxing high, great evening smoke". This is why I am wanting to grow it.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I want to get seeds from a reputable source.

Thanks for the reply.

Nuken Feminized

They don’t seem to have the Nuken strain. Their current prices seem to be ok. 65 ish for 5 seeds. If they are good quality as you say it’s not a bad price.

I haven’t tried many other strains to compare it too, I only recently started paying attention to what type of bud I am smoking. Before that it was what ever I could find and I didn’t even ask the name.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I want to get seeds from a reputable source.

I don’t need 10 seeds as I am only growing 2 plants indoors right now.