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seed online banking

An empowered support team to answer your questions and get you on your way.

Built-in tools for bookkeeping, Bill Pay, notifications, and more.

No hidden fees. This includes everything but a $25 fee for outgoing domestic wires.

Seed for iPhone

Our team can help you get things done, and is available by phone or in-app messaging.

In less time than it would take to drive to a branch, you can apply for an account using Seed for iPhone.

Take the stress out of tax season with transaction categorization, memos, receipt storage, search, and monthly cash flow reporting.

Beautiful mobile app that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Greenwood Gives Back

Additionally, Greenwood plans to work with brick and mortar minority-owned banks to provide deposits to help strengthen historically black banks.

History of the name "Greenwood"

ATLANTA , Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Greenwood has secured $3 million in seed funding from private investors as the first digital banking platform for Black and Latinx people and business owners. Greenwood features best-in-class online banking services and innovative ways of giving back to Black and Latinx causes and businesses.

"Today, a dollar circulates for 20 days in the white community but only six hours in the Black community," said Michael ‘Killer Mike’ Render. "Moreover, a Black person is twice as likely as a white person to be denied a mortgage. This lack of fairness in the financial system is why we created Greenwood."

"Today, a dollar circulates for 20 days in the white community but only six hours in the Black community."

Greenwood’s founders include:

And, despite the rise of mobile, more than half of small businesses said that they don’t have access to an intuitive, simple mobile banking app, while 65 percent have banks that don’t offer phone and in-app messaging support. The lack of mobile banking support makes it impossible for these business owners to manage their business on the go and leads to unnecessary time spent in a branch.

October 18, 2017 09:00 ET | Source: Seed Seed

The challenges small business owners face with their banking services can have a real impact on their business. According to a new survey conducted by Researchscape on behalf of Seed, one-third of small businesses aren’t provided with online and mobile bill-pay; that same percentage pays monthly, often hidden fees to their banks. Perhaps most surprising, 32 percent of survey respondents are not properly separating their personal and business bank accounts, which can lead to serious accounting, tax, and reporting challenges for business owners.

National study reveals big banks aren’t empowering small businesses; Seed’s banking app is designed exclusively for the modern small business

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a recent survey, small businesses are falling through the cracks of the banking industry. Big banks don’t always offer the service small businesses need, and community banks don’t always provide the technology small business customers are looking for. Seed is providing an alternative to traditional banking by offering a full-service online banking service designed specifically for the 28 million small businesses in the US.

“Traditional banks have struggled to take care of their small business customers because they only have two banking options to offer — consumer or enterprise. Consumer banking products don’t offer all of the features and service small businesses need, while enterprise offerings are unnecessarily complicated and expensive,” said Brian Merritt, co-founder and CEO of Seed. “Seed is solely focused on serving the small business community. We’re responding to the frustrations of small business owners by offering an alternative to the status quo — a complete online banking service designed just for them.”

Meanwhile, managing cash flow is the number one financial challenge every small business has, but according to Seed’s survey, banks are not helping. Less than one-third of banks offer financial insights and only 24 percent of banks provide owners with advice on how to manage their business.

In addition to standard banking services, Seed offers unique features and benefits designed for the small business owner: