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I have 2 Early Miss autoflowers from CropKing Seeds. End of week 9 since it was germinated. I found a seed pod on the top of on of my plants. I picked it off and poped it, it was green with water or a clear liquid inside of it. This got my mind racing. (I have OCD)

Im not sure if I am freaking out to much and seeing male flowers on 2 plants where there are none. My first time growing this strain. I have only ever grown from feminized seeds before so Im not 100 sure what im lookong for.

Calyxes are seed pods, if they get pollenated they will grow seeds, if not they swell up with resin. Trichomes are the "crystals" that protect the leaves and calyxes from insects and fungal disease.

If your plant’s seed pods/flowers have seeds growing in them there are only several possible causes. Hermies, or a male or males that were not removed prior to releasing pollen or an outside source for pollen that is carried by wind or brought in by someone and then transferred by inside air currents resulting in pollination.

There are cressent shapes at base of stems, but none of them have seeds at all.


The thread title said seed pods everywhere. Every female plant has seed pods. A little known cannabis fact is that each individual seed pod is a cannabis flower. Entire buds are not actually flowers, as in individual flowers, but instead clusters of many tiny flowers, the individual seed pods/flowers that grow together and create buds. Each seed pod/flower will ‘plump up’ and appear to have seeds in them when they near maturity. They will give an appearance of having seeds inside, but not have seeds in them.

I checked light and there were no cracks, but I am aving issues with heat. Sometimes I come ome and its like 90+degrees and 30 or less on humid. Is that the issue?

I live in Cal. so I have the clinics. Is it not good to get plants from them?

Well today I was looking at my plants, and the big one has seeds everywere. It has been flowering for about 2 monts now, under a 400 hps. Well when I checked it, they were everywere. Can I just pull them off? Should I just leave it?