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seed to weed time lapse

This is the transition phase. It technically isn’t flowering at this point, but the plant will begin preparing for bud growth. The biggest growth occurs in this short period, the structure it develops within the vegetative stage is important now as the plant can almost double in height during this transition.

The first leaves should be developing at this point, which the plant uses to photosynthesize light into nutrients.

The length of the vegetative stage of growth is dependent on the genetics of the plant, as well as the period of time they are receiving light. Plants can technically remain in the vegetative state pretty much indefinitely, but eventually, they will hit their max growth or the amount of growth comfortable for the room and need to be switched over to flowering.

Chapter 4: Flowering

The rest of the growth is up to the plant, but when it seems to be getting close to harvest time flushing nutrients is important for quality tasting harvest. Simply flush the plants with pH-balanced water and stop administering nutrients at this time to ensure a good harvest.

It will grow a bit taller and begin to straighten up during this week. The very first new growths will appear as well, which will be another leaf along with the development of additional blades on the current leaves. Initially, they will be quite small.

The final stage of flowering will have begun at this point for most plants, and the length of time can be variable. Buds will begin to grow very quickly now, seemingly overnight turning into dense flowers all over the plant.

Somewhere in this time frame is generally when the sex of a plant can be determined. The pre-flowers develop here, though they can be quite small, and once sex is determined it is time to separate the males from the females before any fertilization can take place.

All plants do that. It partly has to do with their Circadian rhythms. Plants must put energy into keeping cell walls rigid to hold up the leaves. Kinda like using their “muscles”. With plants like cannabis, the leaves tend to “rest” at night and “perk up” when they “think” the sun is going to come out.

While we don’t fully understand the mechanism behind this movement, some scientists speculate that it was developed as a way for the plant to “explore” and find the best direction to grow, since even though plants are rooted, the difference of even a couple of inches can make a huge difference in the survival of the plants.

Seedling & Vegetative Stage

Young plant burned by Pyrethrum while lights are on & recovery

Bonus Marijuana Time Lapse Videos

This time-lapse video spans 7 days

These have been circulating around the internet for a while, but if you haven’t seen them before, you don’t want to miss these bonus marijuana time-lapse videos.

You can see the extreme stress the Pyrethrum combined with grow lights has put on the young plant.

They can easily grow to four times this height or more, completely growing over the height of a house. The trunk can get ridiculously thick, like a foot in diameter.

Its a grower and a shower

Yeah, it got high. hehe

Just needs to be grown outdoors in the ground & in a hot climate for that to be the case.

In hawaii my friends grew on remote islands. Once they were 6ft tall they would bend them over with a row stake and let them grow another 6 plus feet. This was to keep a lower profile from the eye is the sky. But if you had let it go straight up it would have been almost 20 feet. There is a Canadian Dr who grows literal trees indoor. I don't recall his name but the base is like an actual tree. It's pretty amazing.