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Founded in 2012, this company has since then been offering quality seeds from licensed breeders. ILGM is known for providing expert planting resources and a helpful community of growers. Beginners are sent a detailed growing guide to help them succeed in planting their seeds.

Also, note that the company ships to Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Shipping to Europe and the USA is free. However, customers in New Zealand and Australia must spend $150 or more to enjoy free shipping. There’s also a $25 charge for tracking your order.

ILGM Payments and Packaging

  • Prices of seeds are expensive compared to other vendors
  • They don’t ship to the UK or Canada
  • An extra $25 is charged for customers who want to track their shipment

ILGM User Reviews

We do our part, in providing the very best premium marijuana seeds at NO charge to excited weed growers or newbies and have already sent thousands of seeds worldwide.

Table of Contents

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1. Select your free pack with 5 cannabis seeds.
2. Want some more seeds to save on shipping expenses? Simply select how many for a small extra fee.
3. Proceed to Check Out.
4. Register with your name and address.
5. Pay for the postage by Postal Order.

All we ask is that you cover the expenses to send them to you. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less.

That’s it! Your order will be shipped as quickly as we get the postage payment, so you can begin growing your own homegrown!

Also, the arrival of your seeds differs from one country to another. For example, the shipping processes might take 4-5 days in the UK and 3-14 for those in other parts of Europe.

Although Seedsman seeds can be covered by Stealth shipping, some report that they receive some damaged seeds. If you experience the same, you can contact customer service and ask for seed replacement without additional cost.

Still unsatisfied and looking for more perks? Seedsman offers you a tracked shipping option. It is where you opt into their system to stay updated with your order’s entire delivery process.


You also have the option to replace damaged seeds with different strains from the ones you purchased. Depending on the seeds’ prices, you may pay the new seeds’ additional cost. If the new seeds cost lower than the old ones, Seedsman will return your remaining balance.

If shipping securities are your concerns, Seedsman assures you that. Seedsman seeds are placed inside a small and plain cardboard box. If not, they use a bubble-padded envelope. This way, your sources will not be detected by customs, especially if it is not entirely legal in the place where you live.

The third is cash payment. You can send your cash payment via mail; then they will process your order until it is completed.

Another thing we love about the Seedsman seeds is their large seed selection. Believe it or not, they offer around 4,400 cannabis strains. We are sure they continuously expand their catalog!