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seedsman review

The website of Seedsman is found at It is effortless to navigate. The great thing about it is, there aren’t any unrelated popping advertisements. Instead, the site is very pleasant to the eyes.

If we may ask, what are your considerations before you could say that a seed bank is the best? Will it be the variety of strains they offer and the customer support they give? Or is it whether they ship worldwide or not?

Product Quality

According to reviews, Seedsman seed bank possesses all qualities mentioned. However, several seed banks are offering the same. Now, what makes the company unique? To find the answer, take time to read our Seedsman review.

The shipping system of Seedsman is a bit different from others. Instead of having fixed shipping prices, they base the cost according to your location. However, this is understandable since they ship items worldwide, where the processes might be a bit different from one place to another.

As for the germination guarantee, Seedsman does not cover everything. However, that is only because they want to be compliant with the country’s legalities where you live. For instance, if you live in a country or a state wherein the use of marijuana is legal, the company will take the responsibility to help you resolve your germination issues within 90 days. Otherwise, they let you figure out things on your own.

This was my 1st order with them. I also ordered some seeds from other banks true them (all look ok sealed in original pack). Pack came with TID in 6 days all good. So my experience was OK.
Will try to germinate and update on that also in a week or 2.
Update: 7 seeds germinated success 100%.
10x guys 😉

3rd time from Seedman and I'm completely satisfied! Great shipping, service, and selection!!

This was my 1st order with them.. Looks Good

Seedsman seeds is a rip off they took my money and never got my seeds. They say they will resend if you don't get your seeds.Thats a lie they want to give me 30% off of next order. Why would I want to throw my money away to them again and get nothing for my money. Stay away from them they will rip you off. Very POOR service.

Seedman notified me every step of the process and it was a smooth process. Received my items within the timeframe initially provided. My items were all correct and received some freebies they promised!!
With world class genetics looking forward to see how they turn out!! This company has been very professional and would recommend them to all!!👍🏻

This is my 3rd time buying from them they sent my 1st 2 orders no problem but I ordered my last order a month ago and still have not received tried emailing them but there no help at all terrible CS I GOT INSURANCE ON IT TO AND THEY WANT RESEND IT ! Horrible company ! This review was made on July,19,2021