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seedsman seed bank review

This was my 1st order with them. I also ordered some seeds from other banks true them (all look ok sealed in original pack). Pack came with TID in 6 days all good. So my experience was OK.
Will try to germinate and update on that also in a week or 2.
Update: 7 seeds germinated success 100%.
10x guys 😉

I like how this company was transparent every step of the way they told me that I could expect a 45 day wait but they actually delivered in 20 days so I'm very happy.seeds are a little on the small side some don't look fem as stated but we'll see how it goes so far so good I've ordered from a few other places and these guys are less of a head ache a bit pricey for single seeds but hey delivery on point paid for the insurance it's worth it payment method was painless and seamless I used zelle way better than ach transfers. Update 6/8/21 I decided to compare these seeds with some other I just recently purchased from i49 I recommend them they do take a time to process orders and ship 3-4 weeks in my experience. Back on subject I compared the seeds and now I have mixed feelings about the quality of these seeds. I planted two of the freebies I used the smallest looking seeds as they only gave me one healthy seed in each of the freebies. Of the two I attempted to germinate
only one survived but it's tap root isn't taking to the medium nyc diesel. the other lemon auto seed popped but disintegrated when I picked it up to plant in the medium. What can you expect from a free seed irritated but not mad however I also paid for 3 other strains one seed each and only 1 out of 3 looked healthy the auto zkittlez but another seed I paid for jack harer was cracked and damaged and the other was just puny strawberry cheese cake auto. I want healthy seeds more than ⅔of these seeds where not up to my standard. Doesn't mean they won't grow but the chanced aren't so great especially with the freebies acting the way they are. I trust seedsman they usually will make it right within reason but this has me worried because I just place 3 more separate orders and I would hate to to receive more tiny unhealthy seeds this is an honest review and I'm not trying to slam seedsman I am just trying to spread awareness of the quality of the seeds I received I would like to post pictures of them but this form doesn't allow me so uploaded it as my profile pic the seed one the left was from seeds man and is tiny unhealthy looking, the seeds on the right are from i49 and are fat and healthy with designs on the shell indicating they are indeed feminized. I leave it up to you if you believe that I would so much effort into this review to lie about this company buyer beware. I'm gonna post a video on YouTube about my experience. They refused to cancel my orders that they didn't ship yet. They said the shipped but haven't provided a tracking number. They just want to keep my money. They expect me to wait for packages to come and for me to ship it back that's a 400 dollar lesson that I had to learn the hard way don't order from these guys. You should know something is fishy when they use dummy names for their zelle acounts and not their business name that's fraud in its self right there. These guys are glorified middlemen that use paid affiliates to promote products . Worked on me. A real Hit or miss company they have grown so large they don't care about ripping of a few people half the people are happy with their services but a third of people gave then one star reviews please find a better bank go to directly to the breeder if possible cuz these guys may rip you off. Update 6/24/21 customer service reached out to me to replace the paid seeds but they didn't replace my original order they instead gave me what they had laying around. Better than nothing. My 2nd order came looked way better. In less than 24hrs they were able to send a tracking number for the replacement. I ask then for tracking numbers on my last two orders which were already supposed to be here then the told me that the last order was not sent off yet 🤔they told me earlier I couldn't get a refund because they shipped them already so they basically lied to me they offered to give me a refund on the last order minus a 5 euro fee for cancelation seriously you guys made the mistake and lied to me now you want to charge me for a refund nope people they will scam you they don't care if they deliver garbage and they use shady tactics to stop you from getting a refund they didnt even send out my last order but they said they did in my emails. totally incompetent. 6/28/21 got another order with a cracked seed peyote zkittles I know there are tons of people who swear by these people but my experience says otherwise this is worse online ordering I have done in a long time. I usually do my homework but I didn't do it good enough I guess . Don't get burned that's what they do! update 7/12 they sent replacements for the last order 3xtimes the amount they said they where sending I'm satisfied with the apology. All is forgiven. Depending on my harvesting I may use them again. But I'm good for now.

This was my 1st order with them.. Looks Good

I purchased 20 "regular" seeds from Seedsman in early March. The seeds arrived promptly, from 20 seeds, only 6 sprouted . 2 of the plants were totally deformed. Within 6 weeks of sprouting, in full outdoor sun, at 8 inches tall, 3 of the plants sprouted male pollen sacs and the leaf tips turned purple, like some buds do when they mature. I've been growing cannabis outdoors in California since my last year of high school in 1979. The Seedsman product is junk. It doesn't matter what you order, they have no idea what strain or type they're sending, regular, feminized, auto, just random junk seeds. Seedsman support gave me the runaround for weeks, kept asking me stupid questions until I gave up. In an unregulated industry mostly owned and operated by teenagers or stoners who don't care about their product, there is no way to prove, disprove or enforce if the plant is AK-47, or Sour Diesel, or Thai. Just random junk seeds from an unreliable company.

UPDATE: They made good with replaceentgs although not the kind I wanted. all in all. I was too hasty in putting them down. apparently their seed source was unreliable. Al''s forgiven. gc.

I never received my order nor did they ever consider offering me a refund,
That was pre covid when they wer shipping to australia !
My advice is never ever consider ordering from them especially if you are a fellow disability pensioner.

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