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seedsman shipping to canada

The website of Seedsman is found at It is effortless to navigate. The great thing about it is, there aren’t any unrelated popping advertisements. Instead, the site is very pleasant to the eyes.

When we talk about payment methods in several cannabis seed banks, Seedsman surely stands out. First is the credit card option. A credit card is the most popular payment when buying seeds online and any other goods.

Product Quality

Lastly, you can send your payment via bank transfer. If all your savings are boxed inside your bank, then this is the best option for you.

Seedsman is just one of the companies to participate and make marijuana legal in the United States and other countries. According to them, they are still passionate about pushing legalization worldwide.

Aside from various promotions they offer and the loyalty points you earn, Seedsman also gives out free seeds. The seed bank understands that their customers can abuse these discounts and promotions. Nevertheless, they remain generous and continuously improve their program even better.

Additionally, as mentioned above they accept both cash in the mail and bitcoin cryptocurrency for untraceable transactions.

Based in Barcelona, they present themselves as experts in Cannabis genetics.

Customer Service

I’ve noticed that they switch up the strains that are on sale fairly often, so make sure to check back often for new promotions.

Seedsman stocks thousands of strains, so you don’t really need to go anywhere else to get your seeds if you don’t like shopping around.

Overall I find Seedsman to be a good compromise between shipping features and cost, with some room to develop. But they have enough functionality with their shipping not to hinder your order experience in any way.