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the best way to sell weed

The solution? “We need to focus on consumer satisfaction. How do you get your messaging out to your patients? How do you retain them, make them happy, answer their questions? How do you get their loyalty?” Answering those questions, Adams says, is “how you’re going to stay in business in the end”.

For the prospective grower that means knowing both the production side of the industry as well as the sales: you’ve got to be as good at producing pot as getting someone else to pay for it and smoke it.

If you’ve got a good product, you’ve got to get it into your customer’s hands and have them come back.

3. Build a client base – and keep them

A marijuana field. Photograph: Stephanie Paschal / Rex Features

“As with any agricultural crop,” Adams says, “there are going to be ongoing issues with pest management that you need to look at.” Energy consumption, too, poses challenges few people consider. “Indoor facilities especially have huge electrical bills,” Adams points out. “For a four- to five-thousand square foot place you’re looking at around $30,000 a month. That’s a lot. That’s $360,000 a year for the lights in just a small facility.”

“I’ve done a lot of consulting work,” Adams says, “and one of the main issues that I see, especially in startups, is that there’s a knowledge gap between the marketing guys and the people on the ground. The people who work in the facility really need to be able to communicate with the patients and marketing side of things, and vice versa. It’s important that both sides understand each other.”

“A lot of people are buying marijuana,” Adams says. “There’s no doubt about that.” But does that mean the would-be marijuana seller has a built-in clientele? Not necessarily. “It’s going to be quite competitive,” she warns. “There are conglomerates who have already joined. There’s some big money involved. And I think you’re going to see a lot of it move more in that direction.”

Do some research around the local weed community as soon as you start bringing in some money, and put the best lawyer you can find on retainer. Then keep his or her phone number handy at all times, and keep some cash on hand so you can pay his often-substantial fees if you need him. Hopefully, you’ll never have to call your lawyer for help, but at the very least, you’ll sleep better at night knowing he’s available.

The quickest way to go broke as a dealer is by extending credit. And the people who are most likely to ask you to front them, unfortunately, are friends.

One note before we begin: these commandments are aimed at those who are planning to sell in states where pot is not yet legal. Competing against licensed dispensaries and legal home growers not only changes the game but makes working as a dealer a lot more difficult.

9. Thou Shalt Maintain Secrecy

Keep all bragging and conspicuous consumption to a small circle of close friends you can absolutely trust. Always remember that you can’t enjoy the gold chains, 100-inch TVs and party lifestyle behind bars.

If you’re only selling to friends (remember commandment #6, if you are) you’ll never be able to expand your business to any major extent. If you’re out cruising colleges (when you’re not a student), mall food courts or parks (good luck with that one!), you’re running a probably-unacceptable level of risk and are unlikely to develop a regular base of customers.

When business is booming and you’re making the money you’ve always dreamed of, the temptation to start showing off your new-found bank can be overwhelming. Be careful. Not only do you want to keep the actual fact that you’re a dealer on the down-low, but you also don’t want outsiders suspecting it, either.

You’ve bought and sold an ounce. You’ve bought and sold a pound.

I know alot about herb but not about this sorta business I accept the danger and jail time involved in this so i don’t need to be reminded.

how do I get customers? ( I can’t just ask anyone to buy )
secure locations for the exchange? ( off and on campus )
a quarter is 80$ how would I make profit from that? ( math.. )
and in the case I get busted, how do I get rid of it? ( eat it?? )

Undercover Mod

Please and thank you guys first post.

yes do that, but don’t get fronted too much. my buddy got fronted an ounce and some punk stole it. my friend almost had his finger cut off.

how do I get customers? ( I can’t just ask anyone to buy )
secure locations for the exchange? ( off and on campus )
a quarter is 80$ how would I make profit from that? ( math.. )
and in the case I get busted, how do I get rid of it? ( eat it?? )