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Crop King Seeds offers seeds for beginners and experienced growers, from auto-flowering to feminized, as well as fast growers, regular, and CBD variety. You can also buy mix and match or go for the top-sellers in the country. Crop Kings gets bonus points for its 80 percent germination success rate, as well as discreet packaging and free shipping over $200.

The seeds could be collectibles, or for research purposes, or for any other silly excuse, and you probably won’t be arrested for it.

4. MSNL – Best European Based Seek Bank

The price match policy is certainly a nice feature, but Attitude also has some disadvantages, in terms of very limited refunds, limited payment options, and an unwillingness to discuss details about germination and seed genetics. Though in their defense, it is illegal to discuss such things in the U.K.

You might see auto-flowering seeds referred to often because they are non-photoperiod plants, meaning they will grow even with very little light. Hybrid seeds are a cross between Indica and Sativa and may be preferred for their unique effects that come from mixing strains.

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the 12 best seed banks that ship to the United States. Then, we’ll cover some commonly asked questions and tips for newcomers that will help you achieve your destiny as the greatest midnight toker ever. Or something like that…here we go.

Seeds Per Pack: 12

Flowering Time: 65+ Days

Volcanic Genetics – Greasy MotorCake Runtz

Seed Type: Regular Seeds

Lineage: Sour Snow, SFV OG

Seeds Per Pack: 3

MJ Seeds Canada offers discreet packaging for all orders to ensure the cannabis seeds reach their customers. They have very safe packaging and do not reveal any information so you can rest assured.

Cookies n Chem is perhaps Greenpoint Seeds’ most famous cannabis strain. Walking around the cannabis forums, this name appeared quite a few times with good reviews. In addition, this Seed Bank has many other powerful THC cannabis strains that you will probably enjoy.

The seed collection of Quebec Cannabis Seeds is very diverse. Growers can find auto-flowering, regular, and feminized marijuana seeds. Or quality THC, CBD cannabis strains for your crop. In particular, they also have exclusive cannabis strains that growers can only find at this online seed bank.

#8 MJ Seeds Canada – Great Canadian Seed Bank with Stealth Shipping

This seed bank offers a wide range of cannabis strains at an affordable price. They virtually host a complete collection of current cannabis strains with the clearest arrangement on their website. You can find the most famous, most distinctive strains in the seed stock of MJ Seeds Canada.

Crop King Seeds accepts Bitcoin, Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Delivery time to USA is quite fast, only 1-4 days, however Crop King Seeds does not offer free shipping for all orders.

They also offer a wide range of payment methods so customers can choose the right one. We recommend paying by credit or debit card.

Orders sent from Quebec Cannabis Seeds headquarters will be discreetly packaged. Customers will receive their cannabis seed order along with a CD or any souvenir, discreet enough to get through customs. Customers can also track their orders and estimate when they will arrive.