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Vancouver Seed Bank is a Canadian online company that carries a wide variety of cannabis strains. They follow an ideal philosophy of getting only the best from select breeders and they have a lot of them in their roster like West Coast Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Jordan of the islands among others. With Vancouver Seedbank Marijuana Seeds, you can rest assured that their cannabis seeds for sale are of premium quality. Most of the select weed strains that they sell have a high germination rate of at least up to 80% so you can be sure that most if not all of your cannabis seeds will sprout to grow fully into beautiful pot plants.

Being a large company, those who want to buy marijuana seeds from Vancouver Seed Bank need not worry because the company can ship weed seeds worldwide. For international marijuana shipment, the delivery may take 14 days while in Canada, it can be as short as only 3 days. They follow certain forms of payment for both Canadian and international customers. They prefer money orders and bank drafts for international clients and they also accept cash. Those who want to purchase marijuana seeds from Vancouver Seedbank may also refer to their shipping requirements as well as fees that may be imposed. They use a discreet delivery method but the customer must be responsible in terms of the requirements of their country.

We use the latest cutting edge technology to grow the best Vancouver Island Seeds. Canada is the leader for advanced cannabis growing techniques. So when you’re choosing your Canadian weed seeds, make sure you get the best from us and grow right, right form the start.

Our ancestors have been breeding cannabis on Vacouver Island for many generations.

Vancouver Island Seeds

Vancouver BC has the best weather for marijuana seed production. The best breeders come from Vancouver Island because that’s where we have been raised since birth, away from the fuzz and natually protected in isolation off the main land.

Get high quality seeds from the best Vancouver Island seed bank. With our breeder connections, you’ll find over a hundred of the best cannabis genetics, delivered around the world.

Vancouver Island Seeds is happy to supply our world famous premium cannabis seeds globally.