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weed free grass seed

If you have kids, pets, or an otherwise busy household, we recommend Jonathan Green Black Beauty. The brand’s Heavy Traffic Premium Mixture contains a healthy blend of fescue and perennial ryegrass seeds. Fescue emits an amino acid that naturally acts as a herbicide, so it will curb emerging crabgrass and broadleaf weed seedlings. Not only that, but this reliable formula stands up to abrasion and is naturally resistant to insects.

Thrives in sun and partial shade

The best time to plant grass seed depends on the type of seed and the climate. However, since most mixtures germinate when temperatures aren’t too hot or cold, planting in the spring or fall is typically ideal. Seedlings thrive in semi-warm soil with moderate daytime temps and slightly cooler evenings.

Best Bulk: Mayberry Seed Bulk Seed Premium Lawn Grass Seed 25 Lbs.

Thrives in sun and shade

That being said, some grass species (such as fescue and ryegrass) can grow in a variety of climates. Be sure to check the product description before purchasing grass seed to confirm it can grow where you live.

Water Saver contains a mixture of turf-quality tall fescue and RFT (rhizomatous tall fescue) seeds. The blend has a gorgeous color, a nice texture, and stands up to various diseases.

Thrives in sun and shade

Seed Application

Grass is a crop and better crops come from high quality seed. Like all farmers, we believe in starting with good seed. That’s why we provide a variety of high quality seeds with improved attributes like disease and drought resistance and even early greening. Seeding is one of the best ways to replenish and grow a stronger crop of grass, which means a stronger, more resilient lawn that will require less upkeep.

It is important to choose the right seed for your lawn. When it comes to grass, there are three main questions you have to ask.

How Often to Water New Grass Seed

For warm climate growing seasons, Bermuda grass is the best all-around choice. Heat and drought tolerant, our hand selected blend of Bermuda grass seed is ideal for growing a deep rooting, medium-thin green blade that is tough enough to handle high sun exposure and resilient to handle cool temperatures. Bermuda Time has a 99.9% weed free guarantee and it is ideal for sunny Southern lawns.

What is your growing climate?

Sunday Kentucky’s Best premium grass seed is a classic choice for growing a lush, uniform deep green lawn in cool growing seasons. Our hand selected blend of top quality bluegrass cultivars are mixed with 20% Perennial Ryegrass for strength, disease resistance and early green up. The thick emerald green blades have a 99.9% weed free guarantee and are ideal for full sun or light shade areas.

Our blend of Fine Fescue and Hard Fescue is hand selected for dense, slow growth in low light conditions. A low maintenance grass seed , our Shade Select has a 99.9% weed free guarantee and is the best seed for shade.