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weed seed germination time lapse

These have been circulating around the internet for a while, but if you haven’t seen them before, you don’t want to miss these bonus marijuana time-lapse videos.

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Growing with ScrOG Time-Lapse

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This time-lapse video spans 2 weeks, a frame was taken every 6 minutes. 30 fps.

Watch as these young plants are trained to fill up a ScrOG net. ScrOG stands for “Screen Of Green” and refers to using a “screen” (usually made of string) to force plants to grow into a flat canopy.

Bonus Marijuana Time Lapse Videos

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

Buds will not have grown too much at this point, so don’t worry if they are still fairly small.

The growth of the plant will begin to slow down here as well, eventually stopping altogether as the plant’s energy will be focused entirely on the buds.

17 weeks and onward

The final stage of flowering will have begun at this point for most plants, and the length of time can be variable. Buds will begin to grow very quickly now, seemingly overnight turning into dense flowers all over the plant.

After those initial leaves develop the plants begin to enter a stage of explosive growth. This is the vegetative stage. A healthy vegetative stage is the period of growth most associated with great yields, as the size of the plant can make a huge difference at the end of it all.

Featured Image Credit: 101GrowLights

Those pistils will begin developing larger and larger and become darker in color. This is also when the odor from the plant becomes very apparent, so a good filtration system is a must at this point for indoor growth.

someone told me yesterday about a grow with rockwool and something else can’t remember.

That’s not rockwool, its a medium called Mapito. Quite recent and I heard good things so I gave it a shot. Google it, it does contain rockwool, but it’s a mix of inert materials. Roots go crazy in it. Some brands even include coco fibre too.

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I must say I am profoundly impressed with witht the Auto Blackberry . fabulous taste and super good high!! Really love it.

Very nice video mate I preferred the vids the looked really good lights on and it prays again.

But that never got the plant to keep praying at night time. I like that they droop at night. They’re resting, they’re supposed to do that