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Has anyone ran a whole pack of anything from any of the Aussie seedbanks that can comment on their:

Southern Star Seeds. 100 percent germination rate so far. High degree of homogeneity. Good stability. (However, no feminised seeds means you have to buy redundancy)

Stability, Homogeneity and, Seed quality

Also going to be doing a bit of redesigning on FAB over the coming week. Mostly the same just better layouts when it comes to the categories etc.

My experience. Note: By stability I assume you mean vigor.

As we can see, public opinion regarding medical and recreational marijuana is rapidly changing.

Here is a quick recap of the most critical aspects of the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia:

Therefore, you must figure out which cannabis seeds you’ll grow, where you’ll grow them, and what you’ll grow the weed seeds in. If you need help, we have guides on How to Plan an Indoor Cannabis Garden and How to Plan an Outdoor Cannabis Garden.

Looking to the Future

In milder regions of Australia, cannabis seeds can grow any season of the year outdoors, giving growers up to four harvests in a single year.

Are you going to New South Wales? First-time offenders without a criminal history who are found in possession of fewer than 50 grams of weed for personal use may be offered the opportunity to participate in a Drug Diversion Assessment Program (DDAP) instead of being charged with a crime.

On February 24, 2016, the Australian parliament passed legislation approving medical marijuana use by people with chronic, severe health conditions. It also legalized growing weed seeds for scientific purposes – an important step towards allowing for mandatory cannabis research.

Whether you’re an Australian resident or simply a traveler to the country, growing and possessing cannabis seeds for recreational purposes is still federally illegal in Australia. However, a growing number of citizens support marijuana legalization.