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Marijuana seeds for sale with free worldwide shipping • Buy high quality marijuana seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop & get free seeds on every 100$. Try our award-winning feminized Northern Lights seeds for buds with euphoric effects and a bit of spice. Hassle-free seeds with 9 week flowering. Available now. Buy Northern Lights seeds online from Seedsman. Discover the different Northern Lights strains available. Get free seeds with every order.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale – Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

If you like to start growing cannabis for personal use, we have a large assortment of seeds. They range from autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, hybrids seeds, and seeds for novice growers. The genetic determine the quality of your seeds. Therefore, we provide you with high-quality marijuana seeds for growing that are hand-selected and organically grown. Seeds are also regularly tested to determine seeds germination rate.

Whether you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale in general, or seeds to grow potent therapeutic strain, sleepy Indica, or alert Sativa, we have it all in our cannabis seeds catalog. You will also find many award-winning marijuana seeds on our online seeds shop.

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  • THC 18% – 22%
  • CBD 0.1%
  • THC 24% – 28%
  • CBD 0.8%
  • THC 20% – 22%
  • CBD 1%
  • THC 13% – 18%
  • CBD 0.5%

Our customers come to buy cannabis seeds from different countries all over the world and receive their seeds in about 5 – 21 days after placing an order!

Our seeds are delivered in discreet, crack-proof packaging. If for some reason you do not receive your seeds, we will reship new seeds for FREE!

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Ice Cream Cake Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 19-23%
  • CBD 2%

Peanut Butter Breath Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 18-28%
  • CBD 1%

Pink Runtz Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 23-25%
  • CBD 0.1%

Discover Our Qualities And Buy Cannabis Seeds From Us

Who are we?

We are a cannabis seeds wholesale and online seed shop that specializes in selling high-quality seeds.

Our online marijuana seed bank has been in operation since 2001. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality feminized cannabis varieties for sale.

The origin of genetic on Dutch Seeds Shop is provided in the strain descriptions.

Our top of the line cannabis seeds come directly from Amsterdam and Netherlands. Being an online shop, we are not limited geographically; we can deliver worldwide.

We have different shipping options, and we can discreetly deliver shipments to our local and international customers.

Affordable Marijuana Seeds Online

You can find a huge list of our marijuana genetic at affordable prices on our seed banks website.

All strains displayed on our 420 seed banks shop are sold as souvenirs to collectors looking to add medical cannabis seeds to their collection.

This helps preserve cannabis seeds genetic fund in medical feminized cannabis, especially where it’s illegal to buy cannabis seeds or grow marijuana.

Our inventory holds more than 250 marijuana strains, and they include:

The majority of the marijuana strains displayed on dutchseedsshop.com are Cannabis Cup winners.

Why should you buy from us?

Our cannabis seeds online bank has been in operation since 2001, and we have served hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

Being in operation for many years means we know all the industry’s ins and outs, so we are not doing a trial-and-error business.

We have a vast inventory supplies of over 250 types of high-quality seeds varieties produced by the best breeders.

Our genetic come directly from Amsterdam and Netherland.

We sell quality marijuana products with a germination success of 97%. Professionals assess the quality of our products before shipping.

We have numerous Cannabis Cup Winner cannabis seeds.

What kind of seeds you sell?

Our cannabis seed banks have a variety of Sativa dominant, Indica dominant as well as Hybrid marijuana strains.

Indica dominant hybrids of marijuana strains are believed to possess sedating and calming effects.

In general, Indica dominant strains are higher in Cannabidiol (cannabis seeds CBD).

The potency of the cannabinoids should guide you when purchasing Indica dominant cannabis seeds.

These strains are ideal for a nightcap because they help fight insomnia as they help your body and mind relax, giving a restful sleep.

As opposed to Indica-dominant, Sativa Strains are famous for their energizing and cerebral effects. Sativa generally means high THC content.

The potency of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) should guide you when buying Sativa dominant cannabis seeds.

Sativa dominant strains are ideal for daytime activities as they make you more energetic and attentive.

Ruderalis are auto-flowering marijuana strains that perform well in harsh climatic conditions. They are not a photoperiod marijuana strains; it does not require a change in the light cycle to flower.

It has a brief flowering period of fewer than 7 weeks.

Ruderalis usually have higher CBD levels than photo-period seeds, making them ideal medicinal strains. But you can also find some strains with high THC content.

Our online seed banks provides various strains to choose from for your indoor and outdoor growth.

You can either choose to grow feminized or auto-flowering plants.

When buying on dutchseedsshop.com, you can easily find products that suit your needs using a strain filter.

You can also opt for OG Kush or Skunk genetic. High yielding seeds are ideal for large scale production.

We have a section dedicated to providing you with detailed information on marijuana grow guides and blog articles on marijuana.

Grow Marijuana With Us

Dutch Seeds Shop is a Europe based company that sells high-quality cannabis seeds globally.

Our genetic come from Amsterdam and the Netherland.

We have a variety of seeds that enable growers of all levels and skills to discover first-class marijuana strains for personal and therapeutic purposes.

Our website is easy to use, allowing for easy selecting process. We also have an advanced search tool on our website that enables users to identify the strain they are looking for easily.

All our products have detailed and accurate descriptions.

We provide our customers with discreet packaging where every order is sealed to guarantee safe and secure transportation and delivery.

Major marijuana companies are looking to expand their operations and become mass producers of marijuana.

But we aim to remind customers of the joy of growing and tending to your own marijuana.

You experience the growth process and the thick aroma of the cannabis in the field.

Not to mention the high quality and stickiness of your own buds; what’s better than opening a jar full of homegrown dense and high-quality buds?

Choose seeds variety that suits you

The legalization of growing marijuana in certain countries and states is the reason we are still in seeds business. We are delighted to offer our seeds and share growing guides and informational blog articles with growers in regions where growing marijuana is legal.

Our online cannabis seed bank provides you with anything that concerns growing marijuana on your own. From guides, growing tips, troubleshooting, and strain descriptions to strain history and seeds full description.

Cannabis blog section

The purpose of our blog is to equip you with seeds information that can help improve your growing skills and expand your agricultural horizons. This is where you will find most of our popular posts.

If you are interested in cannabis seeds wholesale prices, please contact us so that we can make seeds packs or mix packs with special prize.

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Cannabis Seeds Online FAQ

Where do you get the best genetic?

Shopping online is a lot of fun, and the amount of seed banks and varieties you can buy can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of things to think about when deciding which cannabis seeds to get.

Between the strains, photo-period or auto, indica or sativa, and a huge variety of other things, choosing a few cannabis seeds can be a daunting task.

So, if you’re looking for some help figuring out what to buy, here’s some information to help you on your way.

Customer service – In short, look for a online shop that has a good selection of cannabis seeds, a good selection of payment options, good customer service, and a good track record of shipping packages successfully.

Germination – There are many breeders that sell high-quality cannabis seeds. However, only a few back that up with a guarantee of germination. Make sure that you are going to receive a replacement if your cannabis seeds don’t germinate or arrive.

Reputation – There are many websites with a solid reputation out there, and they offer a variety of cannabis seeds. But if you want a premium-quality seed, it is important to go with a reputable company, such as Dutch Seeds Shop.

Take into consideration some other things when choosing where to buy cannabis seeds online. Here are a few of the most common ones:

– Prices of cannabis seeds
– Strain selection
– Payment options
– Discrete shipping
– Delivery speed
– Support
– Discounts & promotions
– Good reviews

There are also a few things to consider when you’re trying to decide which seeds to buy. You need to decide if you want to get a feminized type of cannabis seeds, or if you want to get autoflowering.

Cannabis seeds that are feminized are produced by mature females marijuana. Since they are the result of crossing female cannabis, they are always female, but they can be either autoflowering or photo-period dependent.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are plants that automatically flower when they reach a certain age. They can be harvested in as little as 8 weeks.

These are perfect for first time growers, since they are fast and easy to grow, but they aren’t as high-yielding as the photo period dependent cannabis seeds.

What’s the best strain to plant?

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of hype surrounding cannabis seeds. The potency of these marijuana seeds is what makes them so popular, but it’s the quality that really matters.

If you’re thinking about starting your own cannabis grow, there are a few things you need to found before you started.

One of the most important aspects is selecting the best genetic to plant. The quality is a major factor in a grower’s success.

Marijuana is among the most diverse plant species on earth. They are the source of the world’s most popular recreational drug, marijuana, and are also used in the production of hemp, which is used for a variety of industrial purposes.

The sheer amount of variation among cannabis means that even good-quality cannabis differ in appearance. However, there are a few telltale signs buyers can look for to set the good genetic apart from the bad.

Good Quality Seeds

– Cannabis seeds with a shiny coat of wax.
– Cannabis seeds with a smooth surface.
– Cannabis seeds with a natural scent.
– Cannabis seeds with a rough surface.

Bad Quality Weed Seeds

– Cannabis seeds with a rough coat of wax.
– Cannabis seeds with a rough surface.
– Cannabis seeds with a strong chemical smell.
– Cannabis seeds with a dry, cracked surface.

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The good cannabis seeds are characterized by their shiny coat of wax, smooth surface, natural scent, and rough surface.

The bad cannabis seeds are characterized by their rough coat of wax, rough surface, strong chemical smell, and dry, cracked surface.

It is difficult to tell a cannabis seed’s quality just by looking at it. There is a lot of variation in the appearance of cannabis seeds, ranging from a green to a brown in color, and from small to large and pointed.

There are a few ways to tell if your cannabis seeds are good:

Color of feminized cannabis seeds:

A brown color that varies from a light shade to a much darker one is a sign of a healthy and viable cannabis seed.

Any number of seeds that falls within this color range shows promise. Changes of color within this spectrum occur primarily due to genetic factors, but environmental variables also play a role.

Green hues are a sign that the grower harvested them too early.

Shape and size of feminized cannabis:

– Healthy cannabis seeds are round at one end and tapered at the other.
– Cannabis seeds that are exceptionally flat or misshapen may undergo issues with germination and produce subpar cannabis.
– Cannabis seeds that are small and compact may be viable despite their size.
– Cannabis seeds that are large and bloated may be due to their genetic makeup.

Seeds float test:

Fill a glass with water. Drop the seeds in the water and wait for 2 hours. If they sink, they are healthy and ready to germinate. If they float, they are unhealthy and not recommended.

What does feminized seed mean?

Because you know that you want all your plants to be female, you can buy feminized cannabis seeds.

These are specially treated so that they can only give female plants. This guarantees that you’ll get only females in your crop.

Females are important for growing because they flower and make buds, which are the part of the plant that you can smoke or make edibles with. Without females, you wouldn’t be able to make flowers.

How to Buy Cannabis Seed?

If you buy online from a reputable breeder or cannabis seed banks such as Dutch Seeds Shop, you will get seeds that are guaranteed to grow into females.

If you buy seeds at a dispensary, you will get seed that are grown by other people, and those people may not be as experienced as those who cultivate seeds.

You can try to grow your own cannabis seeds, but there is no way to tell how many will become females and how many will become males.

How are cannabis seeds feminized?

They are created by inducing female plants to make pollen. Normally, only female plants make pollen.

If you can somehow induce a female to make pollen, then what you’ve got is pollen containing only female chromosomes. There are a few ways to do this, this is one way:

Colloidal Silver Method:

Spray female plants with colloidal silver while they grow and transition into the flowering phase.

Use the pollen from the female plants to pollinate the flowers on a regular female cannabis plant.

After that, harvest pollinated flowers, grow cannabis seeds, harvest the buds and enjoy.

Silver Thiosulfate Method:

The silver thiosulfate method is very similar to the colloidal silver method. The main difference is that you will be spraying leaves of your young female cannabis plant with silver thiosulfate.

Silver thiosulfate is a chemical compound that is used in the production of photographic film. It is also used as an antifungal agent in the treatment of athlete’s foot.

The silver thiosulfate method is a relatively simple process. It is also very cheap.

Instructions: Fill your spray bottle with water. Add silver thiosulfate to the water. Shake the bottle to mix the silver thiosulfate and water.

Spray the leaves of your cannabis plant with the silver thiosulfate solution.

Rodelization Method:

This is an all-natural technique, although it does not produce the desired outcome as consistently as the colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate methods.

Rodelization takes advantage of a natural process in which an unpollinated female plant will sometimes organically sprout its own pollen sacs.

Think of it as the plant’s last-ditch effort to reproduce. In this method, you force a female plant to remain in the flowering phase for so long that the plant’s self-pollination mechanism kicks in.

When this happens, you can use the pollen created by the female plant to pollinate the flowers on a regular female plant, which will then make feminized cannabis seeds.

The first step in feminization with rodelization process is to identify a female plant that is in the flowering phase. This is the plant that will create the pollen.

Next, you must isolate the female plant from any male. This is important because the female plant will self-pollinate, and you want to make sure that the pollen produced by the female plant is not contaminated by any male pollen.

Once you have isolated the female plant, you must wait for the plant to bring out pollen. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the plant.

Once the female plant has produced pollen, you can use the pollen to pollinate a regular female plant and seed from her will be feminized cannabis seeds.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

The Cannabis plant begins as a seed. They are brown and look dry with some stripes.

If it feels weak, or it’s white or light green, it’s probably an undeveloped seed, and it won’t grow into a healthy plant.

Cannabis seeds can be germinated in a variety of ways, but the most common way is by placing them in a moistened and warm, but not hot, place.

The cannabis seeds should be kept in a light and dark place until they sprout.

Germinating and Growing Marijuana

The best way to germinate cannabis seeds is to place them in a moist paper towel or cloth and place them in a warm place.

You will need a plastic container or a plate with a lid to keep the paper towel from drying out.

Put the cannabis seeds on a paper towel, inside a container or between two plates, or in some plastic pack and leave it in a warm and humid environment.

Open the container every few hours and spray with water.

When the weed seeds opens up and starts showing the first white tap root, put it in its next growing medium.

Useful homegrown tips how to germinate seeds:

Make sure you have a source of light.
Better use a germination kit.
Soak your cannabis seeds in a glass of water for 12 hours.
Spray your germinating cannabis seeds.
Don’t forget your cannabis seeds!
Track your germination dates and stage changes.

What is the difference between feminized and autoflowering cannabis?

Cannabis seeds have changed drastically over the last decade. When looking for seeds, the home grower now has a wider and perhaps more confusing choice than ever before.

But the differences between autoflower seeds and feminized cannabis seeds are not that complicated.

We will explain all you need to know about the way auto seeds and fem seeds grow, the advantages and disadvantages for each seeds and how you can select the right type of cannabis seeds for your grow.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds

Some growers mistakenly feel that autoflower seeds produce less potent weed than cannabis grown from feminized cannabis seeds.

This may have been true in the early days of auto cannabis seeds, but not anymore.

Autoflowering cannabis yield seeds with the same quality levels as photoperiod seeds.

Auto Cinderella Jack seeds has THC levels independently verified at over 25%. Many photoperiod seeds don’t reach such high potency levels!

Auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds are good choice for those that want fast, convenient and easy harvests.

They typically grow from cannabis seeds to harvest in around 10-11 weeks under 20 hours of light. The grower doesn’t need to change the light cycle, it happens ‘automatically’.

Autoflower seeds are easy to grow and often stay short, squat and bushy.

Due to the short auto life seeds cycle you might not be able to get quite the same yields as a feminised seed variety which has enjoyed a long period of vegetative growth.

But yields from the best autoflower seeds can be several hundred grams per plant from well grown indoor auto seeds.

Photoperiod Feminized Seeds

Photoperiod seeds grow vegetatively under 18 hours (or more) of daily light. They produce leaves, roots and branches but no buds until daily light hours are reduced to 12.

Feminized seeds varieties are preferred by growers that enjoy traditional seeds genetics with the ability to be manipulated via the photo dependency.

SCROG growers can utilise long veg grow periods of 2 months or more to fully fill a SCROG screen. Outdoors, feminized seeds can produce several Kilograms of dry buds from a long grow over 5-6 months.

Marijuana seeds online for sale

If you are looking for photoperiod seeds for sale USA, you are likely wondering what this seeds are.

There are two types of cannabis seeds: Autoflowering seeds and Photoperiod cannabis seeds.

The Photoperiod cannabis seeds need to be met with certain growing conditions in order to transition from vegetative to flowering stage.

When seeds are grown indoors this means altering the photoperiod to a 12/12 cycle, where the Autoflower cannabis seeds have a fixed life cycle, which means they will automatically flower at pre-determined time.

Gelato seeds

If you’re an indoor grower, you may be wondering how to germinate Gelato feminized cannabis seeds.

Well, the process is actually quite simple – you can germinate them in one of three ways – a tray, starter, and soil plug.

Some of these methods require the use of special products, while others simply use items from your own household.

A tray contains organic materials that provide the crucial nutrients needed for germination.

In order to germinate a gelato cannabis seeds, you need a slot in the base of a tray.

By Gelato Cannabis Seed

Once the cannabis seeds have germinated, they must be placed in the slot. Then, you need to wait for at least a week or two for the roots to sprout.

Gelato feminized is a popular seeds variety that looks like Haze feminized cannabis. The buds produced by this seeds are sweet and creamy and have an indica dominance.

The gelato seeds was developed by combining two popular feminized seeds, so it’s easy to see why this seeds variety has gained popularity.

The gelato seeds are highly productive, with high germination rates. The result is a premium-quality bud.

Wedding Cake seeds

Wedding Cake is one of the most popular seeds of marijuana. This hybrid favors high humidity and lower exhaust levels during its vegetation phase.

This plant will grow best outdoors in a warm, humid climate. Harvesting is typically done mid-October. During the first two months of growth, buds will begin to bud and mature as a medium-sized plant.

Where to buy cannabis seeds from Wedding Cake

You can purchase Wedding Cake photoperiod cannabis seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop. You can choose the variety that you prefer and receive free shipping and gifts when you buy cannabis seeds.

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DSS ships discreetly and uses secure payment options. They also offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. Our website offers a wide selection of genetic at the most affordable prices.

Green Crack seeds

Among the many types of seeds available today is Green Crack seeds. These buy cannabis seeds are usually available in both feminized and auto forms.

You can find photoperiod seeds seed bank from many different sources. Dutch Seeds Shop is one of the best places to find high-quality products at an affordable price.

DSS is offering Green Crack cannabis seeds for sale USA in a discreet packaging. Stealth Shipping can be used to cover your purchase when shipping from one country to another.

We also offer free reshipping if a package is lost or stolen. You can also pay with your credit card or Bitcoin.

Trainwreck Marijuana

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious cannabis strain Trainwreck cannabis seeds are a great option.

This cannabis tends to produce a high amount of weed. They are known for their high THC levels and impressive male/female ratio.

You can order these cannabis seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop. Read on to learn how to grow them and learn more about the benefits of using them in your gardening projects.

The original version of Trainwreck was a fire cross between three rare seeds: pure Afghani Indica seeds x Mexican seeds and Thai Sativas seeds.

Seeds were developed in the 1970s in a remote part of Northern California. In those days, this seeds were also known as “E-32 Seeds.”

It was a vigorous and adaptable plant that grew to around ten feet tall and produced vanilla-frosting crystals.

The phenotypes of this seeds were also highly sought after and were eventually named “Trainwreck seeds”.

Cherry Pie Cannabis

If you’re looking for a seeds that doesn’t require a long growing season, consider the self-starting cannabis seed, Cherry Pie Fem cannabis seeds.

This seeds doesn’t need a strong light, but it does require a three to five-gallon pot. You’ll also need top-quality soil, a high-quality LED light, and a dedicated growing area.

For best results, use an autoflowering seeds variety, such as Cherry Pie Fem seeds. This strain does not need strong light to bloom and promises a large yield in record time.

A hybrid seeds, like Kush feminized cannabis, with a dominant Indica genetic make-up, Cherry Pie seeds are a potent treat.

Its sweet aroma reminds you of a freshly baked cherry pie, and its potent, cerebral effects relax the body and the mind.

Users will forget about their problems and simply enjoy the moment. Cherry Pie is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor growers.

But if you prefer growing marijuana in a sunny location, you may want to grow a different seeds variety.

Cannabis seeds are sold to customers over the age of 21 and are sold strictly for souvenirs or storage purposes only. The cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. We advise customers to check the laws in their country before ordering.

Northern Lights Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights seeds feminized are something you must have in your stash. This award-winning strain is the gold standard for indicas worldwide. It’s easy to grow, generous, frosty, and soothing. This cultivar ticks all the boxes, and it’s available here at Homegrown.What are Northern Lights feminized cannabis seeds?With the fame attached to the name, it’s no surprise that everybody wants to get their hands on Northern Lights seeds feminized. It’s time for you to join the party.This

We are offering you a bunch of alternative payment methods depending on the state where you are placing your order. You can pick the option that suits you best:

  • Pay by ACH: It is even simpler than using card. You’ll just need your routing number and account number to hand to complete payment in the checkout or over the phone.
  • Pay by Email Address: You can pay for your order using an email address via a number of different methods including Zelle and Cashapp.
  • Pay by Mail: You send us cash, a check or a money order in an envelope. When we receive payment we ship your order. This is the most private and anonymous way to order.
  • Pay by Crypto: Paying by bitcoin is easy and convenient when you know-how.
  • Pay by Credit / Debit Card
  • Pay by Telephone: If you prefer to complete payment for your order over the phone then we can help. We can offer echeck and other methods as instant payments when you call us.

We ship to the U.S. We offer tracked shipping from $10.99 and FREE Shipping for orders over $115 . Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking ID by email. Your seeds will arrive in between 4-9 days. However, it can take longer in some cases.

  • Promote seed germination
  • Strengthen roots
  • Boost early growth

Great experience with 1st seed, germinated in wet paper towel, inside grow. can’t believe I grew my first plant (NL) with success. White hairs all over with one month to go approximately until harvest.

The seeds all popped nice and fast, vigorous plants, so far. I topped them and they are getting some nice bushy lateral growth. So far, great!

Northern Lights seeds feminized are something you must have in your stash. This award-winning strain is the gold standard for indicas worldwide.

It’s easy to grow, generous, frosty, and soothing. This cultivar ticks all the boxes, and it’s available here at Homegrown.

What are Northern Lights feminized cannabis seeds?

With the fame attached to the name, it’s no surprise that everybody wants to get their hands on Northern Lights seeds feminized. It’s time for you to join the party.

This indica-dominant variety is an Afghani x Thai cross. Both are supreme landraces—how’s that for quality? A blunt of this stuff delivers fragrances of skunk, earth, and sweet fruit. The high is as smooth as the bouquet, with relaxing and uplifting qualities.

At 14% to 18% THC, its effects are potent yet manageable. A novice can have the evening of their life with these flowers. Veterans find a lot to enjoy in its softer punch, too. It’s ideal for medical and recreational users and stoners mild and wild.

This strain has won multiple awards throughout its career. Today, it’s a parent of many modern hybrids and the benchmark for indica cannabis plants. Any new weed herb worth its salt gets compared to NL!

Northern Lights fem seeds are easy and gorgeous to grow. They have a short flowering time and generous yields of fiery, crystal-coated colas. Our feminized Northern Lights seeds are double X chromosomes only. You’ll encounter no male cannabis threatening to pollinate your harvest.

These nugs of goodness prosper in most climates. Why shouldn’t you sow your Northern Lights seeds feminized in the USA? You’ll enjoy a first-rate, fresh homegrown stash of pure joy and relaxation.

What are the Northern Lights feminized seeds effects?

The heavy yet gentle hand of Northern Lights seeds feminized flowers will glue you to your couch. There are many layers to the high, though. The milder THC punch offers much more than meets the eye.

The experience begins in the head. The cerebral jolt kicks into gear within minutes. It sends your mood sky-high and carries a euphoric buzz to your brain.

There’s a burst of creative, focused energy that gets you creating or enjoying anything from content to people. These sensations subside after a while. Even then, the mood-enhancing tones color the remainder of your ride.

Physical indica traits soon manifest, blending with mental sativa ones. A soothing sensation trickles from the top of your head down your sore muscles, easing aches and pains.

Smoke just enough, and your entire body vibrates with a pleasant warmth. Smoke a bit too much, and it’s lights out for you.

Don’t worry, though. The sleep after these buds is as rejuvenating as anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s inevitable when the high passes, anyway. These qualities make Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds the perfect purchase for classical stoners and weed therapy users.

They’re ideal for a movie night, a sensual evening with a partner, or a solo bout of de-stressing. These herbs turn a frown upside down and remind you of all the reasons you love life.

What does the Northern Lights feminized smell like?

The Northern Lights seed feminized variant develops into a true beauty. Shades of frost and gold on these oblong colas are a joy to behold. Imagine the multiple layers of the northern lights in their primary sense—the aurora. That’s the complexity we’re dealing with in this flavor profile.

– Afghani smells like a newbie would imagine typical ganja, plus some sweetness and spice. Its base of wet earth and pine is oh-so-marijuana.

Combine the two, and you get a showstopper. The undertones are deep and potent. The fruity notes on top make it palpable and manageable even for newbies.

The smells of fresh fruit fill the room when you light it up. It’s a different story on your palate, where pine and spice dominate the taste notes. Focus and savor the smoke. Some floral and minty zest might greet your taste buds, too.

There’s a woody, earthy aftertaste on the exhale to keep you aware of your Northern Lights fem seed-grown plant adventure.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

Are you ready to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds and get your garden started? Every cultivation journey begins with germination.

Marijuana seeds need to sprout to develop into lush marijuana crops. It’s your responsibility to activate those hormones and nudge them in the right direction. Don’t worry. Germination is a straightforward at-home process.

Get your marijuana seed pack, paper towels, a clean plate, tweezers, and a bottle of water. Then, follow these steps one by one:

– Check your plate after 24 hours. If you see a taproot, use your tweezers to remove the cannabis seeds and drop it in the soil.

The taproot we mentioned is your sign of triumph. It’s a tiny white root protruding from the shell. When you get planting, it’s the part that goes directly into the soil.

Note: If you’re struggling with any step, our germination guide is here to help. It features visual aid, more detailed explanations for each step, and a neat little video as extra help. Go check it out for success every time.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow guide

Are you searching for Northern Lights feminized seeds information to get everything set up? We have your back. This herb is an epitome of an easy-to-grow pot strain. Its genetics are mixed, but in terms of cultivation, Northern Lights seeds feminized are indica through and through.

– Short weed crops, ideal for a tent or a room inside your home. It’s rarely over five feet in height (three indoors).

– Adaptability to diverse climates. These cannabis seeds thrive in most environments, as long as they’re not extreme.

– High, resinous yields. The growth is primarily lateral. Each branch gets thick with colas by harvest time.

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You can grow indoors or out, in soil or hydro. The branches are thick and sturdy enough to carry the weight of their flowers. They won’t need any help when ripening rolls around.

If you’re growing in a controlled setup, make the most of it. Your buds will be at their thickest when exposed to around 50% humidity. Temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit are the bull’s eye for this variety.

If you chose the great outdoors as your grow space, check your ladies after rainfall. The dense foliage might be susceptible to mold. That’s not a pleasant smell.

Trimming isn’t an absolute necessity, but it’ll do wonders. Cutting away at unnecessary leaves helps your Northern Lights feminized seed-grown plant thrive.

The compact stature also makes these weed crops excellent candidates for the sea of green setup. That way, they get ample light and grow even more generous.

What are the Northern Lights feminized strain genetics?

Northern Lights marijuana seeds feminized have stellar landrace genetics. Its heritage means stability, consistency, and quality. You’d describe this indica-dominant hybrid as: Afghani x Thai.

– Afghani is a potent indica from the Afghanistan region. It has profoundly sedating effects and a sweet, earthy aroma.

– Thai is a Thailand-native sativa that produces powerful euphoria. Its fruity, citrus aroma is just as refreshing.

The result carries the qualities of its parentage. The flavor mostly comes from the Thai side of the family tree. Some skunky earthiness of Afghani makes it a bit more of a serious affair, though.

The growing experience is 100% indica, with short, compact, and resilient cannabis plants. You get no stretchy herbs with endless vegging periods.

The effects are a delightful mix of both. Indica is dominant in this area, too, but the sweet cerebral Thai jolt spices things up quite a lot. One look at the stunning genome of Northern Lights seeds feminized explains its status.

Wellness and Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights seeds feminized are hot stuff in the medical marijuana community. Indicas are certified painkillers and mind healers.

When combined with a sprinkle of sativa, this particular mix heals from head to toe, from the inside out. The mental side of things comes first. This strain isn’t an excellent motivator unless you need the motivation to have a good night’s sleep.

It’s a mood-enhancer and stress-reliever, though. It’ll temporarily treat anxiety symptoms better than a sedative. The feel-good vibes are also a relief from depressive thoughts. The focus can provide an ADHD brain a bit of rest.

If we’re talking about general wellness, smoking Northern Lights gets you feeling good. That mood carries to the next day, especially after the sleep you get from it.

Speaking of sleep, insomnia has nothing on Northern Lights fem seed-grown plants. The sedative effects are profound, natural, and non-addictive.

Pain also goes away after a puff. You might be struggling with joint aches, menstrual cramps, or a chronic issue. Whatever the case may be, relief is on the way.

Like a classic indica, this one leaves you with a severe case of the munchies, too. This ganja helps you nourish your body with a healthy meal, even despite nausea.

Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

Northern Lights feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Northern Lights fem seeds and herbs? Here are the answers. Note: If we didn’t answer your question here, that’s on us. Contact our customer support, and we’ll add your inquiry to the list.

What are the Northern Lights strain variants?

Modern breeding made it possible to plant all-female Northern Lights seeds feminized variant herbs. It also brought alternative options for every intent and purpose. Homegrown stocks four variants of this superstar strain for every grower’s preferences:

– Northern Lights feminized seeds: grow a garden like nature intended but skip the risk of pollination.

– Northern Lights autoflower seeds: never worry about the light schedule and plant two batches per season.

– Northern Lights regular seeds: create new cannabis seeds and breed new crosses to change the face of the industry.

Where can I get free cannabis Northern Lights feminized seeds?

You can get a free pack of Northern Lights seeds feminized right here on Homegrown. These marijuana seeds are valuable, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them.

Our store keeps them accessible at all times. When they reach the cheap cannabis seeds section and ‘buy one get one’ rotation, an extra pack arrives at your doorstep 100% free of charge.

Watch this Northern Lights feminized seeds for sale page. A ‘BOGO’ badge is the cue to shop and get extras.

Can a beginner grow Northern Lights feminized?

Yes, a novice can make a flourishing garden from Northern Lights fem seeds. These sturdy Afghani nugs tolerate rookie errors and require little TLC to thrive.

Be careful about foliage density and air circulation, indoors or outdoors. Otherwise, the pest and disease resistance makes this weed variety a breeze.

What is the Northern Lights feminized flower time?

Did you flip the lights or notice your cannabis plant enter the flowering stage outdoors? You’ll collect the colas in six to eight weeks.

Ripening is swift with Northern Lights seed feminized crops. The buds get frosty in no time. Plus, there’s as much as 20 oz of them per plant or square meter of your grow room!

How long do Northern Lights feminized seeds take to germinate?

Northern Lights seeds feminized need up to five days to sprout. Our paper towel method sometimes yields results within the first 24 hours, but nature can be unpredictable.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t see taproots after a day. Keep moistening and checking your plate. They all pop within 120 hours—that’s a Homegrown guarantee.

How long does it take Northern Lights feminized from seeds to harvest?

The answer depends on how big you’d like your marijuana plants. Northern Lights fem seeds require up to two months weeks to flower. Vegging can take anywhere from three to sixteen weeks. This one’s usually on the shorter end of the spectrum, thanks to its indica heritage.

How long to grow northern lights feminized seeds outdoors?

Growers typically plant in March and harvest in late September. That way, their pot garden gets around six months to reach its full potential.

Grow medium: Northern Lights feminized hydro or soil?

Feminized marijuana seeds of the Northern Lights strain do well in soil and hydro. It’s on you to pick a method that suits your needs best. If you’re an absolute beginner, stick to soil. You could try your hand at the SOG training method to maximize yields without eliminating a growth medium.

What is the average Northern Lights feminized height?

Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds develop into short weed plants, thanks to their indica dominance. This variety doesn’t tend to stretch beyond five feet tall, even with zero space restrictions.

It’s even more manageable in controlled, indoor setups. You’ll rarely see it stretch over three feet in height. Now, that’s ideal for low-stress training.

Where can I find pictures of Northern Lights feminized marijuana?

Pics of this gorgeous cultivar are right on this page. You’ll find shots of the cannabis seeds, fully grown plants, and individual rich buds. Our explainer video also features some enticing visuals.

Visit Homegrown Diaries for extras. Real growers post pictures of their progress there. It’s where you’ll see this variety’s development from a tiny seed to a bountiful harvest.

If you need encouragement to buy feminized Northern Lights seeds, these images are your ally. Who doesn’t want this beauty in their garden?

Where is the best place to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA?

Do you want to get Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA and get growing? Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have hundreds of authentic reviews to vouch for the quality of our affordable marijuana seed packs. When it comes to technical details, you get:

Are there any other names for Northern Lights feminized?

Yes, but not many. What use does a name as beautiful as Northern Lights have for nicknames? This strain used to be known as CI #5 F1. The numeration stands for the phenotype, while F1 means the first hybrid. Also, some people abbreviate it to NL, but that’s pretty much it.

Spelling errors

Northern Lights seeds, feminized or any other version, have a memorable name. Most stoners won’t forget it, but some might misspell it as:

Trouble sometimes occurs because this cultivar shares its name with the aurora. You could add a keyword to avoid confusing your search engine. For example, look for Northern Lights feminized seeds or Northern Lights feminized cannabis seeds.

Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Northern Lights feminized pics and any Northern Lights feminized seeds grow reports you might have.

Sign up for the Northern Lights feminized Homegrown Diary and share your progress. We can’t get enough Northern Lights feminized images. Those crystals drive us wild!

If you want to stock buy bulk Northern Lights feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers.

Our Northern Lights feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers. We’re not just an American cannabis seed company. We are an American cannabis brand.

Northern Lights Strains

The origins of Northern Lights are shrouded in mystery because there is no one single breeder who can take all of the credit for its creation. It was developed for indoor cultivation in the late 1970s around the city of Seattle in Washington state although the various genetics that gave rise to this hybrid was known to have originated in California from whence many great, modern hybrid strains of cannabis hail. The first iteration was the result of a stabilised sativa crossed with an Afghani indica.

Northern Lights made the journey to Holland in clone form and was introduced to the nascent cannabis seed market in 1985 by The Seed Bank. Due to the fact that it was only available in clone form, it could not undergo a process of in-breeding to stabilise it in order to produce seeds. For this reason, it was crossed with both Skunk #1 and Original Haze leading to the availability of seeds to a market of grateful growers.

The modern-day Northern Lights clearly displays its Afghani Indica heritage growing into small plants that nevertheless produce dense buds with loads of resin. Although primarily an indoor strain it can be grown very successfully outdoors in warmer areas. It gives a sweet smoke thick with resin and the effect is of a comfortable but lazy feeling which has come to be known as “couch-lock”.

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