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weed seeds on wish

Lots and lots of happy Redditors. Fast shipping with tracking. Shipping is easy just let me know where you want them to go and off they go stealth and ready. $25 on average for 7 seeds $30 gets ya minimum of 11. In notes on payment or e-mail or on Reddit with shipping info just leave strain make up. (All heirloom) (three heirloom four Indica) etc

The plug came thru and it's a small mason jar and cleaned up all glass baby food jars of beautiful seeds

Florida Triangle Kush (aka FL OG Heavy Indica hybrid) Why do they call it that? Well, after my adventure with making friends with a guy and we traded and these Hawaiian Islands Native Seeds just went so fast and now suddenly everyone's growing Hawaiian (when have you heard that?? 🙂 ) So in Florida you have Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville. It's a triangle 🔺 shape that's the original roads for cocaine also so yay Florida. Anyhow, legend has it this was a strain made back in the 1980s real pen pals/friends from marijuana enthusiast magazines and early BBS systems and each city brought it's best of the best, and after a a few generations of color blind threesomes this is what you have.

As I was scrolling throughthe online store called Wish, I happened to notice something very odd. Stores were selling what looked to be like cannabis seeds for a really cheap price. I might buy and grow some to see if it's legit or just some random hemp seeds

Oaxaca Heirloom Sativa. My first love, my original. Untouched by man except for harvest. Hard to kill, fast grower, a real cerebral high.yet also enough kick for the Indica peeps to enjoy.

Canadian M39 Indica. The original BC Bud. Indica dominate hybrid. This plant has larger than average yields than other strains. However, before USA medical this was major route. The BC Kind Bud turned into "Beasters" by the time it made it to Georgia. Yet, the original BC Bud and plant is a couch lock Netflix and chill.

Screw PayPal 😉 I now offer two ways for you to donate shipping and labour costs ($25)

So if you wondering about all those ads of hemp seeds, Cannabis seeds, medical Cannabis seeds anything with a cannabis leaf on it its not what it says it is.

So after about a hour of browsing different things from clothes, tools, accessories. I decided to look for some grow lights and they actually have quite a selection but you have to read the description very carefully as it may seem you getting this amazing bright LED grow light for cheap but its only 3w so yea.
I finally decided to try my luck and order some, the ones i ordered were according to the description 18w and i think two were 3w ( only noticed it after i placed the order. )
But i gave it a go i mean what harm can it do?

While i was on the topic i saw HEMP SEEDS JUST PAY FOR SHIPPING. so after i looked deeper and searched that i noticed there was ALOT of "Hemp" seeds on there. and i thought there is no freaking way it is real hemp seeds. Even some ads said "Medical cannabis seeds" so i ordered some cheap deals from different stores in case one of then actually sends 200pc Cannabis seeds like it said. and then i began to wait.

So I was bored one day and decided to check out and test the WISH app.

After almost two months the Led lights came in and to my surprise they are pretty good looking and very bright so i got 4 different bulbs all together and over my only seedling and to my surprise the little guy loved them! grew two big leaves rather quick but tended to move in front of the 3w bulb more as it had more of a blue light but i am still impressed! they work well very cool and look like good quality but waiting 2 months for a bulb that cost about R50 not quite worth it.

Now im happy with my lights and exited to see what these seeds look like so i stop at the post office and check if they have come and this lady walks back to me with a arm full of black bubble wrapped packets and gives me a weird look like : Wtf are you buying so much of from china. i must admit i felt pretty awkward standing there with people looking at me while she processed it all but once i got home i started opening them all and checking they from different stores and so on and I must admit i was kind of pissed off at myself but more sad but every single lil bag of "SEED" was exactly the same. some just had a little bit more of this odd black stuff in it.. I opened the one bag and it smells like molasses but i have no idea what that plants seeds look like. so i still prepped some soil and threw a bunch of it on top and lightly covered it and started to wait and see what if anything grows from it.

If you have also tried getting seeds from WISH and got something different or actually got the seeds you ordered leave a comment it will be interesting to see what other people got