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We hope you enjoy it as much as we have done while preparing this selection.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds have been achieved by selective crossing with the cannabis strain Ruderalis. They give you the chance to harvest cannabis seeds on the date that you choose.

Plant biotechnology has given us the means to ensure a high percentage -99%- of feminized plants. Feminized seeds guarantee your crop from pollination.

Limited Collections Marijuana Seeds

Kritic Auto is an indica-dominant strain that is highly psychoactive, producing a euphoric, stimulating effect. This strain has a strong skunk smell and flavour with large dense buds.

Here you will find as autoflowering strains as feminised, with a single common denominator. All of them will be exclusive and ‘short runs’ and, you can only buy them here for a limited amount of time. Please share your impressions in the social media, we are eager to hear from you. If you like any of these, don’t think about it too much and get one before they’re gone.

Automatic cannabis seeds produce plants that begin their flowering at a certain age no matter what the lighting schedule, meaning they can be harvested following the schedule of the grower.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring substances founded in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, characterised for their ability to interact with the cannabinoid receptors.

Nowadays there is no doubt that female cannabis seeds are a great alternative making crops grow easier and faster by helping save space, time and money in a significant way.

Female cannabis seeds bear only flowers and yield bigger and richer conciseness of active cannabis elements like CBD, THC, CBN, CBG and more.

Female cannabis seeds are genetically modified seeds guaranteeing growing female plants exclusively.

A very special and popular cannabis seeds selection that is worth trying.