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what to do with weed seeds

However, a type of cannabis called Cannabis ruderalis, which developed in extreme northern conditions without much sunlight, will begin flowering once the plant reaches a certain age—they automatically start flowering regardless of the amount of light they receive, hence the name “autoflower.”

Feminized cannabis seeds will produce only female plants for getting buds, so there is no need to remove males or worry about female plants getting pollinated. Feminized seeds are produced by causing the monoecious condition in a female cannabis plant—the resulting seeds are nearly identical to the self-pollinated female parent, as only one set of genes is present.

Tips for growing autoflower marijuana seeds

Because training happens during vegetative growth, for autoflowering plants, this period could be as short as a few weeks, which means time is limited. Try topping your autoflowers after they have three nodes, and stop once they begin to flower. You will want to prune them lightly.

Also, buying from a reputable breeder or seed bank will give you a sense of what a particular strain will look and smell like, how it will grow, and how much it will yield at harvest.

Cannabis can be either male or female—also called “dioecious”—but only females produce the buds we all know and love. For reproduction, males have pollen sacs and pollinate females, causing female flowers to produce seeds.

If you find seeds in your crop, your plants experience some degree of stress during the vegetative or growth phase and/or the flowering period. In that case you might have hermaphroditism issues. This can then lead to accidental pollination of the female flowers, which causes them to produce seeds rather than buds.

You can eat them raw (with or without the husk) or toast them. You can eat them on their own, or use them as a tasty salad garnish. Cannabis seeds do not contain measurable amounts of THC, so you can enjoy them without worrying about getting high. Try scattered granola or oatmeal – they even count as one of your five a day!

How are cannabis seeds created?

Another option – perhaps less risky – is to give your excess seeds to friends, without involving any financial transactions. If you are completely transparent about where the seeds come from, this can be an excellent way to encourage someone to get into growing cannabis, and you could have a new weed growing buddy to swap clones or buds in the future.

The same phenomenon can occur if you let male plants fertilize female plants. That’s why a grow with regular cannabis seeds should be closely observed and watched for signs of sexual characteristics as they grow into flowering plants – before the males are able to pollinate the females and ruin all of your hard work.

Obtaining certified seeds from a seed bank is something we would always recommend, and if you turn to the black market to buy and sell seeds, it is without any guarantees. Local guidelines may vary from region to region, and care should always be taken.

As one of Europe’s biggest seed banks, Royal Queen Seeds understands the viability of seeds and offers some tips on how to tell if your marijuana seeds are good. There are several boxes that growers can tick to boost the odds of starting with premium seeds, from sourcing them from reputable supplies to visual assessment and easy DIY tests.

In nature, cannabis plants grow, produce seeds, and then return to the earth each year. The seeds disperse through animal activity. The lucky ones emerge from the soil the following spring, while the others perish. Ideally, growers choose seeds less than a year old when it comes to sowing. These fresh specimens germinate fast and are less likely to run into trouble over a shorter duration of storage.

Learn how to identify quality marijuana seeds in order to start your cannabis grow in the best way possible.

Seeds found in buds obtained from your local dealer are likely of much lower quality. In general, finding seeds in flowers reflects poor growing practices. On top of this, you likely have no idea how old these buds really are. Stick to seed banks known for top-shelf genetics. Check out their reviews, and see how much data they disclose regarding each strain to confirm you’re in good hands.

Marijuana seeds from the same plant—even from the same flower—can feature different visual characteristics as well. Just as two human siblings possess different hair and eye colors, heights, and personalities, each cannabis seed possesses its own genetic variation, from the subtle to the obvious. The sheer amount of variation among cannabis seeds means that even good-quality seeds differ in appearance. However, there are a few telltale signs buyers can look for to set the good weed seeds apart from the bad.

Professional seed banks spend a lot of time, money, and effort breeding high-quality cannabis genetics. These specimens churn out seeds with a high germination rate, and the subsequent plants deliver outstanding cannabinoid and terpene profiles alongside excellent yields.